We go to court a vote against with incomplete results – Urges a new election if there is a vote disparity – Only in Bridgeport®

Marcus Brown Campaign Statement:

We are very disappointed to learn today of the major recount issues and irregularities regarding the state representative primary for the 127th district. Today the Chief Moderator certified a result, based on the ballots and the information they had, which was a shocking 20 votes different from what was reported by the Registrar of Electors to the Secretary of State on primary day. Additionally, election officials and observers in the room publicly acknowledge that 9 mail-in ballots that were cast and counted on Primary day are now mysteriously missing. After looking for them for a good part of the day, the unfortunate decision was to certify the incomplete results of this election.

The newly certified number, which is 20 votes less than reported last Tuesday, resulted in a net loss of six votes for Brown, which is an extremely unlikely outcome in a recount of just over a year. thousand votes cast. But as questionable as that outcome may be, election officials acknowledge that the actual outcome of this election – with a 1-vote margin separating the candidates – is in serious doubt as they are unable to explain why there is a difference. of 20 votes between their count today and last Tuesday, nor the location of the 9 missing postal ballots.

On Primary Day, Democrat Marcus Brown overwhelmingly won all three polling places on the machines. However, due to the large number of mail-in ballots from the Hennessy campaign, Brown’s lead over Hennessy according to the Registrar of Electors on primary day was 5 votes. Today’s recount resulted in an unusually high number of changes in machine counting, mail-in ballot counting and manual counting, as well as missing ballots and incomplete numbers.

Needless to say, we will immediately file a motion in Superior Court to request a special election since the election results are now completely uncertain. We are very confident that a judge will find that these significant issues with the counting and processing of ballots by election officials over the past week cast serious doubt on the true winner of this primary.

Bridgeport voters deserve to have their votes counted accurately, honestly and transparently. It is clear that a special election will have to be called to determine the true will of the voters of the 127th district.

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