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Most retirees count on their savings or fixed earnings for their survival. They may, however, face unexpected expenses for which they need immediate funds. Instead of asking their friends and relatives for help, you can apply for bad credit payday loans to cover their financial emergencies.

#1 Payday Loan For Retirees in 2021 – Viva Payday Loans

Best Payday Loans for the Retirees – Quick-Pick

  1. Viva Payday Loans. Visit Now.
  2. Credit Clock. Visit Now.
  3. Money Lender Squad. Visit Now.
  4. Very Merry Loans. Visit Now.
  5. Heart Paydays. Visit Now.

What Are Payday Loans for the Retirees?

Payday loans for the retirees are loans available for the retired to help them take care of their financial constraints, such as medical, utility bills, and other emergencies. These loans are quick and don’t include strict eligibility requirements.

Retired teachers can apply for payday loans on social security income if they’re rejected by other lending alternatives due to bad credit or limited revenue. Since Social Security benefits are considered a reliable source of income, all SSI recipients are qualified for payday loans.

Common Uses Of Payday Loans For The Retirees

These are the reasons why retirees can take payday loans:

  • Medical bills: a fast loan can come in handy in case you or a member of your family faces an unexpected medical problem and you do not have insurance
  • Car repair: If your business depends on your car and it gets damaged, you can apply for a quick loan to repair it
  • Home Improvement: you can acquire fast payday loans to facilitate the renovation project of your home
  • Utility Expenses: You can use payday loans to pay for your water, electricity, etc.

How To Qualify For Payday Loans For The Retirees (Eligibility Criteria)

The following are requirements when applying for payday loans as a retiree who gets Social Security benefits:

  • Must have an active bank account
  • You must provide proof of your income
  • Schedule C Document
  • Provide your bank statement
  • Tax returns and transcription

Typically, the payday loans application process is quick, and they even accept people with bad credit. For example, you can apply for their loans and receive money in your bank account the following business day.

Best Payday Loans for the Retirees – Fully Reviewed

1. Viva Payday Loans – Best For Payday Loans Retirees Instant Approval

Viva Payday Loan platform is the best option for any retiree who needs quick cash. Here, the borrowers can get several payday loans ranging from $200 to $5,000 with a payment period of two to 24 months. The site allows you to complete a simple online application form and get a response in two minutes.

If your application meets all the requirements, they’ll match you with a payday bad credit lender who will give you the funds. The lenders may require additional information such as bank statements, proof of address, and proof of income if you qualify for the loan.

The lender will draft a loan agreement for you after receiving and verifying these documents. The borrower signs the loan after reading and approving the terms and conditions, and the amount will be disbursed in their bank shortly after. To repay the loan, an automatic monthly debit is applied.


    • Payout is within 24 hours
  • Loans are available in amounts ranging from $200 to $5,000.
  • The application procedure takes 5 minutes, and approval takes 2 minutes.


    • The platform is open in few states.

2. Credit Clock – Best for Requesting Lower Loan Amounts

Credit Clock loan broker provides payday, personal and bad credit loans ranging from  $200 and $5,000. The site is famous for its fast application and approval process. Its loan application process just takes about five minutes, and you’ll get your response in a moment. Disbursement takes less than 24 hours after approval. This quick disbursement time eligible Credit Clock is an excellent option if you want cash urgently.

The model for approving requests at Credit Clock is straightforward. As long as you can prove that you earn at least $ 1,000 per month, you’ll be eligible for the loan. Other factors used to determine eligibility include; age —you must be at least 18 years of age  —, proof of income and home address, be an American citizen, and have a registered permanent address.


    • Individuals with bad credit are eligible
  • An approval process is fast (about two minutes)
  • Disbursement happens in less than 24 hours.


    • You must earn at least $ 1,000 to be eligible for the loan.

3. Money Lender Squad – Best for Poor Credit History

Money Lender Squad offers low-interest and no-guarantor loans to US citizens. This site gives payday loans and rapid approval for people with bad credit. Money Lender Squad gives you access to a personal loan without a credit check for up to 24 months or a quick cash loan for up to 60 days. Interest rates can range from 36 percent to over 400 percent annual percentage rate (APR).

Lenders can then choose whether or not they can fulfil your loan request. You will be led to a lender’s website to complete the process if one of the lenders on Money Lender Squad’s panel can help. This process may be completed in minutes, unlike in traditional lenders, rather than hours or days. The money is sent into your account the next business day after you finish the registration process directly with the lender and sign the agreement.


    • It has extended loan terms
  • Its application process is easy and quick
  • You don’t need a guarantor to qualify for the loan.


    • Your credit score affects the interest rates—low credit score, high-interest rates.

4. Very Merry Loans – Best for Same Day Payouts

Very Merry Loans is an online lending marketplace that links borrowers with top lenders around the United States. The site offers payday loans, swift approval loans for even people with bad credit, and same-day loan plans that take minutes to apply and about 60 minutes to repay. Loans are often disbursed within 24 hours.

The loan model used is pretty simple. The broker presents a panel of the most reputed lending institutions in the United States. Applicants are then paired with lenders who are most likely to execute their loan requests.

The loan amounts vary from $200 to $5,000, and you can settle for a loan period that best suits your needs. Most consumers repay payday loans of up to $2,000 over 7 to 31 days, while prolonged loan durations of two to 24 months are available for higher loan amounts. Interest rates vary from one lender to the next, but most offers generally contain a rate of 5.99 percent to 35.99 percent.


    • Both unemployed and people with bad credit are eligible for the loan
  • They offer an extended repayment period
  • Their loans range from $200 to $5,000


    • You’ll pay higher interest rates for short-term loans (30 days)

5. Heart Paydays – Quick & Best for Fast Approvals

Heart Paydays is a famous lending portal in the United States. The application process is online; hence borrowers avoid the inconvenient nature of retail loan applications. The borrower can complete the loan application process in less than five minutes at the comfort of their home.

The Heart Paydays platform offers loans to the unemployed, individuals with bad credit, or who need quick cash before their next payday. The lenders disburse the loan within an hour after the application process. The platform’s primary focus is on payday loans for amounts between $200 and $2,000 typically paid back in two months; however, borrowers can get loans up to $5,000 with a  repayment period of two years.

Heart Paydays is well known for its cheap interest rates, particularly on short-term loans. Most lenders on the platform maintain their rates low, with maximum APRs reaching 35.99 percent.


    • No paperwork or phone calls
  • Payout is quick—usually within one hour


    • Fees on some loan offers could be pretty hefty.

Features Of Payday Loans For The Retirees

1. Flexible Loan Amounts

One of the most significant features of payday loans is flexibility. They offer fast loans ranging from $100 to $5,000.

While the amount may differ per lending institution, some brokers such as are likely to pair borrowers with lenders who can meet their specific needs.

However, it’s rational to only apply for the amount that satisfies your specific need, even if you’re tempted to seek the most significant amount at your disposal.

2. Easy to Apply

Unlike most traditional lenders, payday loans allow you to apply for loans even with bad credit. Many lending institutions payout the loans within 24 hours. Some lenders have application forms always available on their websites, meaning you can easily apply anytime.

3. Quick Borrowing Decision

Unlike traditional lenders, where applicants had to wait for days or weeks before getting feedback for their loan request, payday loan applicants just need two minutes to get feedback. Viva payday loan, for example, is designed to give instant response upon loan application—it takes about two minutes to get a response.

Advantages of Payday Loans

1. Easy To Find

The most apparent benefit of payday loan services is that they are easily accessible. These sites allow you to apply by completing a quick form online, which only takes minutes, and if you’re lucky, they’ll transfer the amount directly to your bank account.

2. Fewer Restrictions

Applicants are generally attracted to payday loans because they have less stringent approval criteria than traditional financing systems. Payday lenders often accept individuals who do not meet the primary eligibility criteria of banks and other high-street entities.

3. It’s A Loan With No Collateral

Candidates can be approved for a payday loan without issuing collateral. On the other hand, most high-street lenders require applicants to put up their car, home, or other valuable assets as collateral if they cannot repay their loans.

Disadvantages Of Payday Loans

1. They Are Costly

Some payday loans institutions can be absurdly expensive. For example, some lenders charge staggering interest rates of up to 1,500% APR, and it’s easy to see people struggling to clear off their loans. Fortunately, there are tons of other payday options with lower interest rates.

2. They’re Exploitative

Some deem payday loans exploitative because they target individuals with limited alternatives, such as low incomes and bad credit. Payday lenders have a terrible reputation for aggressively pursuing unpaid loans, though other financial institutions also tend to be intimidated while chasing outstanding debts.

Although the industry is currently more regulated than in the past, it is still critical to survey your options before applying for a loan.

3. Could Result in A Debt Cycle

Failure to pay back your payday loan on time may result in a debt cycle. That’s when you find yourself needing to take out another loan to pay off your previous financing- which is likely to result in a debt trap.

How to Get Payday Loans for the Retirees

Step 1: Visit Viva Payday Loans site has an easy-to-understand format, where you can easily follow the application protocol.

Step 2: Complete The Application Form

You should then fill the virtual application form with banking information, income information, and monthly expenditure details.

Step 3: Get Your Decision

Upon completing and submitting the application form, you’ll receive feedback in few minutes.

Step 4: Receive Your Loan

If your request and details meet all the requirements, the lending firm will draft a loan agreement for you to understand their terms and conditions. You should read and understand before signing the contract. Your loan will be deposited in your bank within 24 hours after submitting the signed agreement form.


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