Park Systems Announces Next-Generation Park SmartAnalysis™ Image Analysis Software for Atomic Force Microscopy

Seoul, South Korea, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Park Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of atomic force microscopes, announces Park SmartAnalysis, next-generation image processing and data analysis software, now available for all Park AFMs with advanced image processing.

SmartAnalysis provides various tools to analyze, measure and perform statistics from the image and AFM data, which speeds up the analysis process, including EZ Flatten which provides multiple output images using an image analysis system. deep learning that eliminates artifacts.

“Using SmartAnalysis in tandem with Park AFM combines the strength of Park’s superior hardware technology with the software platform designed to enhance user experience and drive success in the data reporting process,” says Arthur ChoiVP of SW R&D center at Park Systems.

Advanced imaging features of SmartAnalysis include:

  • Accurate image analysis via multi-layer and line function
  • Effortless image processing with EZ Flatten producing optimal images
  • High quality 2D and 3D images, histogram and analysis of regional statistics
  • Export and publish images without degrading image resolution

Park Systems offers a full line of AFM systems with advanced imaging modes that meet the application requirements of technology researchers. Park’s products address the most pressing problems in materials science, electric vehicle electronics, failure analysis, including advanced methods of defect inspection, chemical/mechanical analysis and 2D materials.

For more insight into how leading industry experts are using Park AFM, join us at one of the NanoScientific Symposium Global 2022 events.

About Park Systems

Park Systems is the world’s fastest growing manufacturer of atomic force microscopy (AFM) systems, with a comprehensive product line for researchers and engineers in the semiconductor and data storage, chemistry, materials, physics and life sciences. Our mission is to enable advances at the nanoscale for scientists and engineers by solving the world’s most pressing problems and pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and technical innovation. Park Systems customers include most of the world’s top 20 semiconductor companies and leading research universities and government laboratories in the Americas, Europeand Asia. Park Systems is a listed company on the Korea Stock Exchange (KOSDAQ) with head office in Suwon, Korea and regional headquarters in Santa Clara (UNITED STATES), Mannheim (Germany), Zhubei City (Taiwan), beijing (China), Tokyo (Japan), Mexico City (Mexico), and Singapore. To learn more about Park Systems, visit

SOURCE Park Systems Corp.

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