NewsXPartners Corporation Completes Development of its Proprietary Client Management System

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Journalist NewsXPartners

This release takes customer service to new heights by revolutionizing an industry that has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, Sept. 28, 2022 / — NewsXPartners Corporation (“NXP”, a New York-based advertising company) has completed development of its proprietary customer management system, which has was specifically designed to maximize timely responsiveness to the requirements of client engagements and advertising campaign guidelines while dramatically simplifying what was once a daunting administrative undertaking and headache for advertising and public relations firms.

In order to do their job for clients, advertising and public relations firms must continually juggle a large number of different variables and associated tasks at all times during engagements. At any given time, the media landscape, along with a plethora of other factors affecting the success of a client’s business, is changing. It is the responsibility of advertising companies to gather, analyze and use data and information from the media with the aim of making changes in the trajectory of the various campaigns of the clients which are in continuous progress.

Traditionally, in the face of this dynamic information environment, even large enterprises have depended on a combination of manual processes, intuition, and an element of luck in order to manage multiple active customer engagements. NXP, which has continued to grow, both in terms of its clientele and its stable of reporters and journalists, leaves nothing to chance. In order to properly coordinate the efforts of NXP’s many editors (who are involved in news reporting and content creation for client branding purposes) and publicists (who manage the complexity of client relationships and with the media), the new single system addresses a large number of administrative, accounting and reporting functions.

NXP’s proprietary customer management system, the result of months of effort and significant capital investment, represents another milestone in the company’s pursuit of unparalleled industry-leading service for its customers. .


NXP, a fast-growing national advertising company, actually got its start in 2006 as an informal, behind-the-scenes association of freelance writers, reporters, journalists, publicists and public relations professionals working together to promote the reputation and brand image of selected clients. . At that time, customers were primarily private companies in the northeastern United States, and the primary media outlets operated were traditional print newspapers and magazines.

Since then, NXP has become fully national in terms of the geographic location of its customers, and it is actively engaged in all forms of electronic media, including digital publications, blogs and podcasts. It formalized its structure and incorporated in 2022.

NXP provides a full range of advertising and public relations services, encompassing branding, name recognition, image development, reputation management, media relations, competitive strategy and more. others.

NewsXPartners Corporation is a private company owned by its founding members. For more information or to contact NewsXPartners Corporation, address your correspondence to [email protected] or by phone at 516-279-2076.

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