New look for the Belleville boardroom



Council table in the newly renovated Belleville City Council Chamber, July 6, 2021 (Mary Thomas / Quinte News)

The renovation of the Belleville municipal council chamber is nearing completion.

The boardroom receives its first update in around 40 years and the result is a revealing modernist look that brings lots of light and the latest technology to the room.

CAO Rod Bovay told Quinte News the idea was to bring it up to current standards.

“Both in terms of electronic capabilities, with meetings streaming and broadcasting. But also to help solve accessibility law issues by allowing the room to be fully accessible.

Bovay adds: “And the clear, fresh paint also illuminates it. I think it’s a modern look. It’s very uh, it’s very bright and professional looking and I think that adds to the look of the town hall. “

“The room has always been considered quite dull and dark. And, if you came to a council meeting and sat in the gallery, it felt like you were in a cave. So the new LED lighting really lights it up.

He specifies that the furniture is adaptable.

“The presentation podium is fully modular and accessible to all who use it. Whatever their capabilities, the chairs are very stylish and modern.

Bovay emphasizes that the new podium is fully adjustable and accessible to all.

The newly renovated Belleville boardroom showing the new podium on July 6, 2021 (Photo: Mary Thomas / Quinte News)

This is a new board table and it pretty much follows the old one in terms of the seating arrangement for the board.

“In tune with the technology, it has connections allowing councilors to plug in their phones or laptops to power or connect to the city system. And it’s also set up to allow the board to work with electronic voting if it chooses to go that route. “

The Council is expected to start making full use of the Council Chamber over the next two meetings, having held virtual meetings for more than a year during the pandemic.

Work team during the renovation of the Belleville City Council Chamber, July 6, 2021 (Photo Mary Thomas / Quinte News)

New entrance to the newly renovated Belleville boardroom, July 6, 2021 (Photo: Mary Thomas / Quinte News)


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