A bank loan covers several types of loans

It can be difficult to navigate between the many loan types. Firstly, this means that it can be difficult to decide which loan to choose. For how do you distinguish the many types of loans? This lack of transparency has meant that within the world of borrowing, attempts are made to divide the various loans into very broad groups. You have therefore most likely heard the terms: bank loans, quick loans, consumer loans, car loans etc. Although this breakdown helps to create an overview, on the other hand you can also argue that it is not accurate enough. This is especially true in relation to bank loans. A bank loan is not just a bank loan.


Home and car loans

Home and car loans

You may want to consider taking out a bank loan. It’s hard to get approved for a bank loan. Bank loans have a low interest rate. If you have just a little knowledge of loans, or are in the process of researching your options, you have certainly heard one or more of the above statements regarding bank loans. But the big question is: what is a bank loan really? Bank loans are a very broad definition, which covers several different types of loans, which are common in that they are offered by the bank.

It is individual from bank to bank which loans you have the opportunity to take out. Characteristic of the major Danish banks, such as Bonskie Bank and Skyslater Bank mean that you have the opportunity to borrow for both home and car purchases.

Therefore, you do not necessarily need to take out a car loan from your dealer. In many contexts, your costs will be less if you borrow the money in the bank. Your bank can also help you with a home loan – this type of loan will, however, most often be financed by taking out a mortgage.


Consumer loans are also part of the bank’s offerings

Consumer loans are also part of the bank

The point is, therefore, that a bank loan covers various types of loans and that it is therefore always a good idea to consider a bank loan, even if it is not necessarily a home purchase you are facing.

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